New Pond Farm


Our Staff

Executive Director, Ann Taylor

Farm Manager, Mike Murray

Assistant Farm Manager, Emmett Phinney

Program Director, Tim Laughlin

Program and Event Coordinator, Thatcher Taylor

Office Manager, Chris Hughes

Membership Coordinator, Mary Lee Pampel

Administrative Assistant, Gwen Denny

Perennial Bed Gardeners, Sandee Zurzuski and Dolly Kinney

Part Time Teachers:
Michelle Bender, Mary Pat Cieri, Gwen Denny, Sheila Dick, Kim Gregg, Lori Mott, Mary Lee Pampel, Dolly Patterson

Summer Shakespeare 2016:

Director, Nancy Ponturo

Enrichment Director, Dorothy Luongo

Costumes, Mary Brannan

Winter Shakespeare 2017:

Julia Levo