New Pond Farm


Our Animals

  • Golden Laced Wyandotte

    The Golden Laced Wyandotte has golden-brown feathers edged with black, produce brown eggs.

  • Barred Owl

    Bernard joined the New Pond Farm family in 2007 after he was unfortunately hit by a truck and suffered head and shoulder damage. He is in the process of being introduced to people and school groups, on warm weekdays, you can sometimes see Bernard enjoying the view of the pastures from a cage outside the office. On cold or windy days he stays warm in a large heated cage hidden behind the farmhouse.

  • Photos

  • Delaware

    White feathers tipped with black

  • Whites Tree Frog

    Found in Northern and Eastern Australia, New Guinea, and New Zealand. Can reach 3 to 4.5 inches, females are slightly bigger than the males, and can live to 16 years of age, but one reached 21 years in captivity Their diet consists mainly insects such as moths, locusts, and roaches – Here we feed ours […]

  • Pigs

    Our pigs this year are named Strawberry and Raspberry.  These girls are a Yorkshire/Landrace mix- with the floppy ears of the Landrace breed and will grow quickly.

  • yarn-new-pond-farm

    Yarn for Sale

    After our sheep are shorn their fleece is sent off to be washed, carded, dyed, and spun into yarn. We have two-ply yarn from Bartlett Yarn’s mill in Harmony, Maine and we have Lopi weight yarn from the Hudson Valley Sheep and Wool company in Red Hook, NY. All yarn is available for sale in […]