New Pond Farm


Hunt for the Hens

Also in May, one hundred and twenty guests flew their coops and joined us for our first “Hunt for the Hens”. Families and individuals traveled to ten very different coops across Redding. From the Taj Mahal for chickens, to creative dwellings built by fowl fanciers, they had a wonderful time visiting with all sorts of chickens, chicks and roosters, and meeting with owners who graciously welcomed them into their coops. Our thanks to these generous friends for sharing their properties, their chicken-raising experiences, and their recommendations. Some of the coops also featured pigs, goats, ducks, rabbits and lovely spring gardens. There was a great deal of learning along the way. Each coop had a different hand-out, highlighting information on things like egg incubation, the five top chicken breeds, raising chickens, the benefits of free ranging, and chicken sayings. Also, to prevent any cross contamination between coops, our guests were asked to don new disposable booties at each property.

We would like to thank NPF Board member, Marion Hichwa, for hatching this idea and for her months of devotion organizing a spectacular event. We are also grateful for the hard working members of our Coop Tour Committee, our outstanding volunteers who represent New Pond Farm so beautifully, our generous spon- sors for building our nest egg, and Collyer Catering for providing a variety of delicious luncheons.

It was, quite happily, a day to crow about.

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