New Pond Farm 2023


Birthday Parties

Our staff is proud to offer fun and educational birthday parties where guests can visit with the animals, explore the property, learn a new skill, or make a keepsake. Parties are available for children turning three and up who are current Family Members of New Pond Farm.

Our birthday parties are a great way to explore the property and learn something new along the way by being active and hands-on, designed to keep guests of all ages happy and engaged.

General Information:
  • Birthday parties include a one-hour program and use of our outdoor picnic area or covered porch for 30-minutes following the program.
  • You will have 30-minutes before and after the program and party to set up and clean up.
  • For safety reasons, balloons and pinatas are not permitted on the property.
  • Cost is $125 for up to eight children, including birthday child, and $12 for each additional child
  • For current Family Members of New Pond Farm Education Center
  • Please contact us to discuss seasonally available programs
Additional details for parties:
  • Maximum of 20 children (including birthday child and siblings) unless otherwise noted
  • In order to maintain a smaller group size, parents of guest children are asked to drop off or enjoy a walk on our property during the program and party.

For more information or to schedule your celebration, please contact Gwen Denny,

Discoverers turning 3

Adapted for the youngest of visitors, a farm birthday brings the barnyard to life in a way that is fun and engaging for all. Games, stories, and visits with the animals will all be a part of this unique party.

Limit: 8 participants

Led by curiosity and focused on discovery, together we will explore the woodlands and/or wetlands, looking for some of the unique creatures that call that habitat home.

Limit: 8 participants

Naturalists (turning 4 & older)

Our most popular birthday program is the quintessential New Pond Farm experience. Guests will tour the property and learn about life in the coop, hunt for sheep in the pastures, touch a cow and see where milk comes from, and perhaps discover other barnyard residents along the way.

Travel the woodland path to our authentically recreated encampment, complete with thatched longhouse and barked wigwam. Sit by the fire on deerskin-covered logs and explore ways our local tribes lived off the land. Learn about shelters, food gathering, hunting, cooking, clothing, and roles of family members. Guests will have the chance to try fur scraping, corn grinding, and play traditional games.

Your child and guests will participate in each step required to transform Sugar Maple sap into sweet maple syrup. They will learn the Native American ways of sugaring, ID and tap a maple tree, visit the sugar shed to watch the evaporator at work, and taste a few maple products.

Discover the wide variety of animals that live in and around the waters of New Pond Farm. At both the stream and pond, guests will hunt for and then carefully collect (and release) live specimens while learning about the important role these habitats play. A visit with some of our resident program animals will also be a part of this hands-on program.

Get up close and personal with our fascinating collection of living creatures. Guests will meet gentle lizards, cricket-munching geckos, tortoises with great personalities, and even our friendly snake Amelie, a beautiful and clever Hognose! This is a fantastic program for all budding naturalists!

This is also our rainy day alternative program.

Explorers (turning 6 & older)

(All “Naturalist” programs can be customized for this age group)

Our 102-acre property is a wildlife sanctuary. Depending on the season, our young explorers may track animals in the snow, or take a wildlife walk, searching for signs that our wild neighbors have left behind. We will search for tracks, scats, pellets and sheds – all clues as to who makes our property home.

Together we will create beautiful farm-inspired crafts to take home. Craft options will vary by season and age of participants but may include sunprints, rock painting, candle making, nature sculptures, and yarn sheep.

Limit: 10 participants
Materials fee: $20

What’s more fun than an old fashioned treasure hunt! Following clues, guests will travel across the property in search of birthday treasure. Expect a few tasty surprises along the way. The Birthday Host may provide prizes for the end of the hunt or the goal can be reaching the birthday cake.

Limit: 12 participants

Adventurers (turning 10 & older)

(All “Naturalist” and “Explorers programs” can also be customized for this age group)

Enjoy a magical evening along the trails engaged in games and activities focused on the senses. Guests will learn the calls of nighttime animals, detect food with their noses, and try to recognize colors in the dark. If it’s clear, we’ll look skyward and share stories of some of the visible constellations.

Limit: 12 participants

Calling all outdoor-lovers! Come learn and practice basic outdoor skills including knot-tying and fire-building. Cooperative games and prizes will add to the fun.

Limit: 10 participants

Prefer a party focused on science experiments, orienteering, handicrafts, or something else you don’t see here? Let us know and we’ll do our best to design a party just for you.