New Pond Farm


Sally Trippe Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the generosity of New Pond Farm co-founder and former Board President Sally Trippe, New Pond Farm Education Center is very pleased to sponsor two $1,250 scholarships to Joel Barlow students who have shown scholarship and enthusiasm for environmental studies and plan to pursue this interest in their higher education. This year’s recipients are […]

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Summer Shakespeare

For three weeks each summer New Pond Farm takes on a new level of energy thanks to the talented young actors and staff that make up our Summer Shakespeare Program. I watch in amazement as unfamiliar words in the script transition into meaningful and animated dialogue on stage, as shy actors embrace their characters and perform […]

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Hunt for the Hens

Also in May, one hundred and twenty guests flew their coops and joined us for our first “Hunt for the Hens”. Families and individuals traveled to ten very different coops across Redding. From the Taj Mahal for chickens, to creative dwellings built by fowl fanciers, they had a wonderful time visiting with all sorts of […]

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New Pond Farm-Events-road-race-photo (3.2)

New Pond Farm’s Run for the Cows

In May we hosted our third annual Redding Road Race ~ A Run For the Cows. More than 800 runners, ages 2-72, dedicated themselves to the Seven-Mile Run, the Half Marathon, and the Mighty Cow Run, and over 100 youngsters joined us for the Piglet Prance around the pastures. Inspiring stories abounded, some people ran in […]

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Woodland Mushroom Discovery Walk!

Saturday, September 27th 9:30-11:30 a.m. Join Joe Brandt from The CT/Westchester Mycological Association for a fascinating walk through our woodlands. Bring a bag lunch and stay for an identification session and great conversation. FREE OF CHARGE. Spaces are limited so please call us early 203.938.2117.

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New Pond Farm-Honey Harvest

Honey Bees on the Farm

Wow! This has been a great summer for our honey bees. This truly has been a year where the honey bees are a pleasure for all five senses. I love watching the bees as they are coming and going from their hive. I watch for the color of the pollen they are bringing in and […]

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Ne Pond Farm-Barn with Solar

Sun, Sun, Sun — Here It Comes

Sunlight to electric current! It’s amazing! Photovoltaics (using sunlight to produce electric current) provide an elegant conversion of sunlight to energy with no moving parts and no environmental emissions. As the cost of solar panels decreases, the incentives to use solar energy continue to rise. In keeping with New Pond Farm’s mission statement, to connect […]

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Green Pastures for the Animals

 by Mike Murray, Farm Manager Often, visitors to New Pond Farm will ask where the sheep or cows are located on any particular day. This is because these animals frequently move to different areas of the Farm. We call it rotational grazing, and we use it for proper nutrition, growth and production. Rotational grazing is […]

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