New Pond Farm


Art Show

Invitational Art Show 2023

June 3rd – 11th
Open to the public 11 – 5 p.m. daily

This fantastic biennial event showcases artwork by some of the region’s finest artists, and includes a silent auction, art demonstrations, and activities for children and adults, all celebrating the timeless themes of nature and agrarian life inspired by our property.

Our beautiful barn-like Gathering Place will be the setting for in-person viewing.

We are very grateful to our artists who generously share 30% percent of their sales with New Pond Farm Education Center to support our mission.

Art Week at New Pond Farm Education Center

The first week of June is devoted to the pursuit of creative expression with art.
Programs are free unless noted, but registration is required

Demonstrations & Workshops for
Adults & High School Art Enthusiasts

Sunday, June 4
11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
John Forgione will lead a plein air” painting demonstration. He credits his desire to paint by a true love of nature and art. Having been formally schooled in the fine arts and influenced by the French and American Impressionists, Forgione takes great satisfaction in recording time, light and form.

Registration is not required, but please check our homepage if the weather looks questionable.

Workshop for Families

Earth Art
Saturday, June 3
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
This special Family Event will be led by Redding artist Alice Smith. Participants will be given a brief introduction to the Earth Art movement of the late 60s and early 70s. Small groups will then be led out to explore and gather materials from the farm’s wildflower meadow, wetlands, and woodlands, paying careful attention not to harm the environment. Without using tools or man-made supplies and utilizing the concepts of pattern, color, and contrast, the group will create a beautiful ephemeral work of art to be photographed.

The program is free, but advanced registration is required.

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Classes For Children aged 8-12
4-5 p.m.

Monday, June 5 will provide a twist to family game night with the construction of a Pollinator Parcheesi board, fashioned from wood slices and river rocks. A new spin on the classic game will help to illustrate the important relationship between our native pollinators and their favorite flowers in the natural world.

This Program has been Cancelled. Please stay tuned, we hope to offer this again in the future.

Tuesday, June 6 is Nature’s Art Supplies, will delve into the history of the natural materials which were used by artist’s, from paint brushes made with animal hair to inks derived from plants, participants will have fun making and then using their own stock of tools to create their own work of art.

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Wednesday, June 7, the workshop will be dedicated to Dad, with a special surprise craft, there is a charge of $15 for members and $20 for non-members for this special workshop.

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Thursday, June 8, participants will construct their own Tiny World, using a collage of cut-outs enhanced with natural materials and fairy lights for a creative display.

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Friday, June 9 Art Week classes will conclude with the production of Butterfly Capes by children using gossamer fabric and watercolors to make their very own set of wings, a short instructional class on butterflies and their important role in the environment will be included.

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Dear New Pond Farm Friends and Art Lovers,
How lucky we are to live in an area so rich in both natural beauty and artistic talent. New Pond Farm’s idyllic pastures, woodlands, and wetlands offer an oasis where all people can connect with the natural world. For our artists, the past year has provided an unprecedented time to capture the beauty of the land around us. We hope you will enjoy and be inspired by their efforts!
Warm wishes,
Kris Holm
Art Show Chair

This Year’s Artists Include

Kathy Anderson
Beth Bailey
Lisa Barash-Rosario
Peter Bergeron
Peter Bowe
Joanne Bryant
Mary Lou Carlson
Polly Castor
Lorraine Skelskey-Chapin
Jim Chillington
Arline Corcoran
Morna Crites-Moore
Carolyn Currie
John Deecken
Mally DeSomma
Deborah Dutko
Cara Forgione
John Forgione
Greg Giordano
Michelle Grosjean
Karen Liette Hartmann
Holly Hawthorn
Rebecca Holden
Kristine Holm
Nancy Bauer Howell
Elizabeth Katz
Karen Kent
Emily Kittredge
Annette Marcus
Robert Mars
Joan Elizabeth Meyer
Katushka Millones
Elizabeth Monahan
Adel Moros
Erin Nazzaro
Nadine Newell
Kimberly Day Proctor
Pamela Reese
Carey Reilly
Debora Rosa
Clarice Shirvell
Alice Smith
Daniel Smith
Dennis Stuart
Dana Wolfson
Victoria Wyndham

Want to view the artwork from 2021?
Our virtual gallery is still available!
View the Gallery
We would like to thank Carl Ericson at Augmented Construction for creating the Virtual Gallery Tour