New Pond Farm 2023



Our 102-property is fortunate to have 25 acres of rolling pastures. During the growing season this vital habit provides rotational grazing land for our herd of dairy cows and our flock of sheep. It also provides a great number of hay bales which are stored in our barns for winter feeding.

Our freestall barn and cement slab are cleaned each day and the manure, shavings, and hay are brought over to the large three-bay composting shed behind the farmhouse. Once these materials have composted properly, our farmers load them into the manure spreader and they are cast over the pastures as fertilizer so that nutritious hay will grow, starting this important farm-cycle over again.

Articles on our pastures and composting facility can be found here and here.

Builder Jon Fahan with the composting shed

Builder Jon Fahan with the composting shed