New Pond Farm



We are home to a beautiful and diverse herd of dairy cows including the following breeds: Ayrshire, Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, & American Milking Shorthorn.

If you visit in the late spring or summer, the herd may be seen grazing in our lush pastures in the late afternoons and evenings. Our farmers follow a rotational grazing practice to insure the animals’ access to fresh pastures. These areas are surrounded by electric fences- so please be careful not to touch!

During your late fall and winter visits to the farm, you will see the cows resting in the barnyard and in their free-stall barn, adjacent to our main milking barn. They continue to enjoy a grass-based diet as they consume bales of hay (over 2,000 bales during the winter months!) that was cut from our pastures and those of our neighbors.

There are usually fourteen cows in residence and of these, four or five are in the milking rotation at any one time. They are milked morning and afternoon. We pasteurize almost every other day in our State Licensed Dairy, so customers are treated to freshest milk in the area! Our milk is not homogenized so our cream rises to the top. You can shake the bottle for rich creamy milk, or skim it off to make butter.

The Dairy Annex (attached to the Milking Barn and accessed from our circular driveway) offers milk and yogurt for sale from 7am to 7pm daily.

  • New Pond Farm-Animals-Ayrshire-cow


    Originally from Scotland, these animals are well adapted to rocky farms and harsh winters. They are known for their production longevity. Our Ayrshire cows are white with dark red spots, their names are Sugar (9/3/12) & Sunny (6/3/18). Our newest addition is Shamrock (3/18/21) who can be found in the pen between the barn and […]

  • American Milking Shorthorn

    Originating in Northeastern England. Bred for dairy or beef. Ours have been bred for dairy and will therefore have strong dairy traits. Beautifully colored red, white, and sometimes even roan (a rich mixture of red and white, and cannot be found in any other breed of dairy cattle). They are excellent milk producers. They are […]

  • Guernsey-cow-new-pond-farm-animals


    Originally from the British Isle of Guernsey in the English Channel, Guernseys are well known for their gentleness and are dark gold in color. Guernsey milk has a unique golden color. Our Guernsey heifer Twinkle (12/24/19) can be found in with the rest of our adults, often sitting out in the sun.

  • Jersey

    Originally from Britain’s Isle of Jersey, close to the Isle of Guernsey. Small in size, but produce milk containing the highest butterfat of any other milking breed. Our Jerseys are honey brown and named Peaches (2017), Krispy (2019) and Pearl (2020)

  • holstein-cow-new-pond-farm-animals


    Originally from the Netherlands. These black and white cows are commonly used on large dairy farms due to their ability to produce more milk each day than any other breed. Our Holstein cow is Bessie (11/26/16) and our heifer is JoJo and can be seen in with the adults.