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Popular entertainer and our cherished community member Fred Newman tells us what he loves about the education center and invites you to come appreciate nature with us. We can’t wait to have you here at the farm and would love your support this Giving Tuesday on December 1st.
We’re grateful to have you, Fred!

Just a little something to brighten up your day, courtesy of Fred Newman.

Our very own high school volunteer Matthias Galban sharing what he loves about the education center and how it has contributed to him appreciating the natural world around us!
Robert and Nancy Ponturo share their experiences as volunteers and members, in addition to some fun facts about the education center and we’re so thankful for such wonderful members of our community.

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Miles Martin, Eagle Scout Project

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Happy Days Are Here Again! Back out on pasture!

Fred Newman from Prairie Home Companion returns to the farm fo...

Our whirlwind week of Caroling, Crafting and Wreath Making came to the happiest of conclusions, thanks to the talented Fred Newman and his charming daughter Lila, as they led a barn filled with enthusiastic families in song. What a wonderful way to kickoff our holiday season. Thanks to Kathy Weiss, the Caruso Family, and Fred and Lila for sharing their time and talents with us over the weekend. Caroling is a 25+ year tradition on the farm and something we look forward to each year.

Saturday's Caroling with Rita Caruso and Family

Our hay bale seating was filled to the brim with joyous carolers, led by members of the talented Caruso family. The farm's hot chocolate and home baked cookies were enjoyed, thanks to members of the National Charity League.

Friday night caroling with Kathy Weiss and Orff

We had a fantastic weekend with Caroling in the Barn with the Animals! Kathy Weiss from RES started us off on Friday evening with Orff Alumni from RES, JRMS and JBHS.

Caroling in the Barn with the Animals at New Pond Farm

Dear Members, Please join us this weekend for Caroling in the Barn with the Animals! Saturday evening's festivities are filled but hay bales are available on Friday and Sunday evenings. Please sign up online or call the office 203.938.2117

Happy Halloween!

Our Barred Owl, Bernard, wishes everyone Happy Halloween!

Summer Shakespeare at New Pond Farm

As You Like It--a glimpse of today's rehearsal. Please join us this Friday or Saturday evening at 6 p.m. The farmhouse gardens will be center stage. Performances are free but donations are welcomed. Please call for reservations, seating is limited 203.938.2117 (No dogs please.)

Summer Shakespeare at New Pond Farm

"As You Like It" Performances Friday and Saturday 6 p.m. New Pond Farm! Please call the Farm for reservations 203.938.2117 Performances are free but donations to the Theatre Arts Program are welcomed!

A Personal Invitation from our Flock

A Personal Invitation from the Group at the Coop!!! Bring your family and friends to our fun filled tour of 9 creative coops around Redding! June 3rd ,10 a.m.-2 p.m. $20 per member, $25 per nonmember; $5 for children 4 years and older Please visit our website for reservations and more information

Happy Earth Day! I hope you find time to enjoy Mother Nature!


Farmer Mike Murray at the evaporator

Our syruping season is winding down. Mike and Emmett have been boiling down our sap for the past few weeks. Bottling will take place next week, so stop by the farm if you'd like to purchase delicious, locally made maple syrup!

a fall morning at New Pond Farm

Please join us on Saturday to enjoy our Harvest Festival and the fall foliage! 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Check out our website for more details

Please join our exuberant cast for an exciting performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, in the backyard of the Farmhouse at New Pond Farm. Seating is limited so please call for reservations 203.938.2117 Performances are free, but donations in support of the theatre program are gratefully accepted. Musician Will Ponturo wrote the music for the play. In this video Will and his musical dad, Bob, are practicing by the farmhouse garden.

New Pond Farm's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

An Invitation to next weekend's performances of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Friday and Saturday evening 6-8 p.m.. Admission is free but donations will be welcomed. Please call the farm to reserve your seat!

White Coral Bells- A Fairy Lullaby

Summer Shakespeare is in full swing!! Join us on Fri. 15th or Sat. 16th at 6 p.m. for the performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Call for reservations 203.938.2117

Piglets in the Piggery!

Tulip and Twig have made it down to the Piggery behind the garden! Tulip, the female, is a Yorkshire and has upright ears. Twig, the male, is a Landrace and has floppy ears...both are as cute as can be and as you will see, they have perfected rooting, running, tail twirling and snorting!

Cheeping Chicks!

More than 50 cheeping balls of fluff are settling into our coop. These Delawares are a cross between New Hampshire Reds and Barred Plymouth Rocks. They will mature into lovely white hens with black feathers around their necks and tips of their tails, and starting in the fall, their eggs will be found in the Dairy Annex 'frige.

Delicious Pastures.

After all the running, our practical Guernsey settles in for her first taste of fresh greens after a winter of hay and grain.

Our cows' first romp in the pastures!

Green pastures are a great reason to kick up your heels!

Dancing of the Ladies

Today was the day! New Pond Farm's very own "Running of the Cows!". After a long winter in the barnyard, spring pastures inspire leaps of joy!

Lambing Season Has Begun!

Lambing season has begun at New Pond Farm. We hope you enjoy this quick glimpse of our first set of twins!

Our lambing season has begun! We hope you enjoy a glimpse of our first set of twins. More are on the is beginning to feel a lot like spring!

Redding Elementary School's Orff Out got the holiday season off to a perfect start with the first night of Caroling with the Animals. Our thanks to the wonderful Kathy Weiss!

an afternoon of rockets on the farm

Rockets soar over the pastures at New Pond Farm

Rocketry at New Pond Farm

3-2-1 BLAST OFF!!!

Today was Rocketry Day at New Pond is a glimpse of launch #1

It's a Boy! Lily and her new calf.

Our 2-year old Jersey, Lily, gave birth to her first calf around 9 a.m. this morning. The calf, a bullock, is getting his first bath from his attentive mother!

Our thanks to Paul Winter and the Consort for sharing a wonderful evening of beautiful melodies with us! Thanks also to chef Evan Hanczor for treating us to to a delicious Taste of the Farm! What a great way to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We loved every minute.

Our Bounty of Sunflowers

Thanks to farmers Mike and Jeff, the Farm's lower garden is bursting with sunny blooms! They will be the backdrop for our Paul Winter Consort Concert...we hope you can join us and take in the beauty.

Listen to the low mooos as Nutmeg greets her new calf--he is just a few hours old and already making his way around the tomorrow he will be running! Please come for a visit--he will be in the barnyard right off the farmroad.

Nutmeg, our beautiful Milking Shorthorn, presented Asst. Farm Manager, Jeff Casel, with a bouncing bullock this afternoon. Here is a short clip with Jeff feeding him his first bottle.

Dear Friends, Please join us for a wonderful evening of Shakespeare. Fri. & Sat. evening, 6 p.m. on the back lawn of the farmhouse. For reservations please call the farm 203.938.2117

A quick glimpse of the dress rehearsal and the fantastic cast! Please join us for the free performance: Fri. or Sat. 6 p.m. Seating is limited so please call for eservations 203.938.2117

A special invitation, especially for you!

Thanks to beekeeper Ann Murray our young explorers get up close and personal with our honeybees! Here's a quick peek...

More rehearsal fun!

15 fantastic actors are in rehearsals for evening performances of "A Comedy of Errors". Please join us! July 16,17, and 18

Summer cuts! What a beautiful day for our annual May Fair Festival!

Happy Earth Day!! We hope you find time a little time today to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the natural world--a great day for a walk! Woodland wildflowers will be there to greet you.

If you peek into the left window of our coop you will see our week-old chicks! Our two piglets have arrived as well and will stay snuggled up in the barn until the weather warms, when they will move to our piggery by the garden.

We have had two fantastic Peeper Patrol evenings on the farm. Families joined us at the marsh with flashlights to welcome the returning spring peepers, pickerals, greenfrogs, and exciting time was had by all! Happy Spring!

Our final evening of Caroling featured the always amazing Fred Newman and his talented daughter Lila. Thank you to all of our musicians for generously donating their time and thanks to all of our cookie bakers! Everyone enjoyed the cookies and farm fresh hot chocolate! We hope your holidays are off to a wonderful start!

Rita Caruso and family gave our Saturday evening guests a wonderful start to their holiday weekend!

Another glimpse of Redding Elementary's Orff Ensemble leading New Pond Farm members in song!

Kathy Weiss and members of the Orff Ensemble got our "Caroling in the Barn with the Animals" weekend off to a fantastic start! A few short video clips are coming your way! Thanks

We hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving! It is a beautiful day on the farm, just perfect for an invigorating walk! The calves and sheep are in the barnyard and cows are relaxing in the free-stall barn. Our New Pond Farm calendars are for sale in the office along with handknit hats and scarves, brought to you by the flock at the farm, they are unique holiday gifts! Have a great day!

Lazin' and grazin' #guernsey #newpondfarm #cows

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