New Pond Farm 2023


Barn, Coop, and Annex

Dairy Barn

Main barnThis 19th/20th century barn is used as our milking barn where we milk four to five of our cows twice a day. It also serves as a storage site for hay harvested from our fields and those of our generous neighbors.

The barn is also a primary stop along the path of our Farm programs, where students get an up-close, hands on look at a cow and learn about their importance in our daily lives.

The barn is also attached to our state licensed Dairy and Dairy Annex


Free-Stall Barn

Renovated in 2008 by John Fahan and Rod Quinn. This barn is where our 14 cows comfortably spend their time when not eating hay or grazing in the pastures. This is where you will find them hiding from the heat and the flies in the summer.


milk-in-dairyDairy Annex

Our dairy products (milk and yogurt) are pasteurized and bottled roughly every other day and sold on site in our Dairy Annex, hours are 7am – 7pm everyday.

Our eggs are collected daily between 3 and 4pm, and have been known to sell out very quickly.


Chicken Coop

Chicken CoopCarmen loved her chickens and first built them a small coop behind the barn.

Our current flock contains approximately four breeds of roughly 50 chickens.

This beautiful new home, built in 2011, contains a spacious area for our laying hens and roosters, an area for our spring chicks, and an area fully accessible for our visiting students. On the outside we will have several “chicken yards” so the flock can be rotated and enjoy their days exploring for insects in green grass.

Our chickens provide us with fresh eggs each day (and sell out quickly) and provide children in our programs with a close-up look into their importance in our daily life and the environment.