New Pond Farm


Special Programs

Registration is required for all programs.
Please register online or by calling (203) 938-2117.

Please read our updated protocols before registering.

Updated Safety Protocols

Family Outdoor Activities

To help get everyone outside
we have several flexible options for you!

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on the reopening of the area schools, your unexpectedly fluid schedules, and keeping everyone’s safety in mind, we are offering the following menu of hands-on outdoor activities for your immediate family/friend group, or small home-school group.

OPTION #1: Arrange a Program for Families & Friend Groups with at least one adult – Great for home-school groups and children of any age with a parent!
Up to 8 participants, 90-minute program
$90 per member group, $100 per Non-member group

OPTION #2: Arrange a Drop-Off Program for 6 Friends (Ages 6-10*)
Up to 6 participants, 90-minute program
$90 per member group, $100 per Non-member group

How It Works:

Time blocks will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
• All participants will be required to wear a face mask and practice social distancing.
• Please dress for the weather- programs will be held outside whenever possible. If they move inside due to rain, participants will be appropriately distanced in our classrooms.
• Pre-read our updated Winter Activities Form for COVID protocols.
• A parent/guardian will be asked to sign our Release Form on the day of each program (one per family). * We will need a form from each Friend Family.
• Pre-registration and payment are required.
• One-week cancellation is required for refunds.

Native American Games
Did you know that Native American games were used to improve hand-eye coordination as well as thinking skills? Join us at the encampment to make and play Native American games, then take them home to practice with.

Winter Bingo
Take a guided hike along one of our trails on top of the hill and use your bingo card to discover the wonders of winter. Come see things you might have missed if you were not looking close enough to the wonders of a winter wonderland created by nature.

Build a Bluebird Box
Join us and assemble a bluebird box that can be taken home and strategically placed on your property. Learn about the annual cycle needed to maintain your bird box so bluebirds can enjoy your hard work year after year!

Only offered until March 15th
Limit one box per family.
0ne-weeks’ notice required for registration.

Maple Syruping
Learn about one of New England’s famous traditions! You will learn to identify and tap a sugar maple tree- depending on the temperature, you may even collect some sap. Then move to our Sugar Shed and discover how we use our evaporator to boil down the sap until it becomes delicious syrup. Next, in our Warming Hut you will learn about some old-fashioned equipment and other products that come from the sap of a maple tree! As a final treat, enjoy a slice of fresh cornbread, drizzled with maple syrup, Yum!
This program is date sensitive, and will only be offered Feb. 8 – Mar. 6

Introduction to the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)
The Great Backyard Bird Count is an excellent way to be a participant in an annual worldwide citizen science project where your data is collected and sent to scientists. Even better, your research can be completed from your home during the specific 4-day window (February 12-15, 2021) assigned to collect the data worldwide.

Come learn about bird seeds, bird feeders, important guides and apps, and places to find specifics on what to do and how to do it!
Only offered until February 12

Feed the Birds
With winter upon us the birds need your help! Make a simple bird feeder and then choose just the right spot to hang it in our “forest regrowth area”. Then make another feeder to take home for the hungry birds on your property!
*Did you know that during Storm Sandy, two micro-bursts touched down on the farm and leveled two areas of the farm? Our “forest regrowth area” is making a strong comeback, while the other site has been turned into a pollinator meadow to help pollinators!

Or…Choose any of our wonderful school field trip programs.

More Details

To schedule a program please email Gwen Denny ( or call (203) 938-2117

Please take a look at some of the nature activities and videos we have put together.

If you would like to view samples of past programs,
past calendars can be found