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Special Programs

Registration is required for all programs.
Please register online or by calling (203) 938-2117.

What do you know about “ticks”?

Thursday October 24, 7 – 8 p.m.
    Professor Dr. Neeta Pardanani Connally, Director of the Tickborne Disease Prevention Laboratory at Western Connecticut State University, will help us to better understand the world of ticks, their habits and habitats, as well as how can we coexist with them. This is surely a current topic that needs more understanding and information for people who live in CT, home of Lyme Disease.

    $10 per member, $12 per non-member

Please Register Hereor by calling (203) 938-2117

Climate Change: what is it and how does it impact us?

Thursday November 7, 7 – 8 p.m.
    Dr. Stephen Wagener, Environmental Science professor and Chair of the Jane Goodall Center at Western Connecticut State University, will illuminate us on Climate Change. It is in the news daily but do you really understand what it is, how it impacts us, and how it could impact our future? Come find out the answers to these questions and much much more!

    $10 per member, $12 per non-member

Please Register Hereor by calling (203) 938-2117

Black Bears Amongst Us – seen in your town or even your own property!

Friday November 15, 7 – 8:30 p.m.
    We see them at feeders, at beehives, strolling down the roads, and even visiting swimming pools. What can we do? Join one of DEEP’s Black Bear Researchers, Melissa Ruszczyk, as she returns for an informative evening to learn about these furry visitors and how to peacefully coexist with them.

This program is free, but guests will be asked to leave a donation for DEEP’s wildlife conservation efforts.

Please Register Hereor by calling (203) 938-2117


We now have a new program available where you, and up to three family members, can enjoy a visit to a beehive (borrowing a bee suit from us for the day) and help our beekeeper and educator, Ann Murray, with an inspection of one of our active colonies. This one visit opportunity is a great chance to actually look inside a working hive, without committing to the full season Adopt-a-Hive program.
$50 per Member family

Space is extremely limited, if you are interested in this new program, please email us at

Of course, we still have our full season program which is our best training program for those interested in becoming beekeepers themselves one day. Adopt-a-Hive is full for 2019, but you may register for 2020 at any time by emailing

More special programs coming soon!

If you would like to view samples of past programs, past calendars can be found here