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Registration is required for all programs.
Please register online or by calling (203) 938-2117.

Please read our updated protocols before registering.

Updated Safety Protocols

Standard ProgramsFamily Groups

Reptiles Rock!

Saturday, June 4
12 – 1:30 p.m.

Join a herpetologist/conservation educator, from Rainforest Reptiles, for a high energy show that features reptiles from different parts of the world. During this interactive, program encounters may include a giant toad, a large lizard, an enormous tortoise, a very long crocodilian, and an awesome snake. Rainforest Reptiles is known internationally for their specialized classes teaching law enforcement officers how to handle reptiles safely and humanely.

Recommended for people of all ages

This program is:
    $12 per Member, $15 per Non-member

Register Here
or by calling (203) 938-2117


An Intimate Look at Alaska’s Brown Bears Through the Eyes of Kevin Hughes!

Tuesday, June 7
7 – 8 p.m.

Redding native, Kevin Hughes, is one of the privileged few that have been allowed to spend time observing the behaviors of coastal brown bears at the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary in Alaska. Kevin’s enchantment with these magnificent creatures has led to his becoming the Sanctuary’s volunteer master carpenter.

Kevin’s knowledge and enthusiasm will come shining through as he focuses on bears in general and more specifically the bears that make their home at the Sanctuary. McNeil River is considered a crown jewel of bear viewing in Alaska. Widely accepted as the greatest seasonal concentration of coastal brown bears in the world, McNeil River is an example of what’s possible when some of the largest land carnivores and humans occupy the same space. Ultimately, it’s about how this unique place and its inhabitants have captured Kevin’s interest, inspiring his environmental stewardship through the years.

**Please note, masks are required for this indoor program.

This program is FREE for New Pond Farm members and $10 per non-member

Space is limited, please register online or by calling 203-938-2117

Register Here
or by calling (203) 938-2117

Family Outdoor Activities

To help get everyone outside
we have several flexible programs for you!

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on the area schools, your unexpectedly fluid schedules, and keeping everyone’s safety in mind, we are offering the following menu of hands-on outdoor activities for your immediate family or your friend group

Arrange a Program for Families & Friend Groups with at least one adult
Up to 12 participants, 90-minute program
$100 per member group, $120 per Non-member group
Drop-off programs also available, please contact us for more details
** Please see our school programs for Home school pricing

How It Works:

Time blocks will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
• All participants will be required to wear a face mask and practice social distancing.
• Please dress for the weather- programs will be held outside whenever possible. If they move inside due to rain, participants will be appropriately distanced in our classrooms.
• Pre-read our most recent COVID protocols.
• Pre-registration and payment are required.
• One-week cancellation is required for refunds.


Introduction to Fly Casting
Join Program Director, Tim Laughlin, for a one-hour hands-on lesson that introduces you to the art of fly casting. He will teach you the basics and then challenge you to apply them on land, then at the pond. Please note this program is not offered on Sunday or Monday, recommended for ages 8
and up or a family group. All equipment is provided, limited to 6 participants.

Introduction to Fly Tying
Learn a craft that has been around for hundreds of years. Use man-made
and natural materials to duplicate the parts of an insect in one of their
stages of development. Then put it to the test and see if a trout will eat
your human made fly. How rewarding it is once you create a fly that an
animal in nature goes for it! Please note this program is not offered on Sunday
or Monday, recommended for ages 8 and up or a family group. All equipment and
materials are provided, limited to 6 participants.

Guided Spring Hike
Join Program Director, Tim Laughlin, for a hike on one of our many trails. Learn about proper hiking etiquette by being introduced to a national hiking program Leave No Trace while learning seven principles that allow you to enjoy the wonders of nature with little to no impact on your surroundings. Dress for the weather, be sure to wear comfortable walking footwear and bring your water bottle.

Wetland Animal Exploration
Join one of our educators for a visit to our wetland areas. We will explore the stream, the pond, and the marsh. Three totally different habitats, each supporting their own unique group of inhabitants. We believe in catch and release so after all specimens collected have been observed, we will then gently return them to their natural environment. Shoes that can get wet are recommended.

Bird Adaptations
Learn about 4 different types of birds and what allows them to survive in totally different environments, then meet a live example with a unique digestive process. We will end with an activity investigating what can be determined when using a pellet.

Or…Choose any of our wonderful school field trip programs, descriptions can be found here

To schedule a program please email Gwen Denny (
or call (203) 938-2117

Please take a look at some of the nature activities and videos we have put together.

If you would like to view samples of past programs,
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