New Pond Farm


Special Programs

Registration is required for all programs.
Please register online or by calling (203) 938-2117.

Please read our updated protocols before registering.

Updated Safety Protocols

Family Outdoor Activities

To help get everyone outside
we have several flexible options for you!

Spring is the perfect season to get outside and we have several flexible options for you! In response to the impact of COVID-19 on the area schools, your unexpectedly fluid schedules, and keeping everyone’s safety in mind, we are offering the following menu of hands-on outdoor activities for your immediate family or your friend group

OPTION #1: Arrange a Program for Families & Friend Groups with at least one adult – Great for home-school groups and children of any age with a parent!
Up to 12 participants, 90-minute program
$90 per member group, $100 per Non-member group

OPTION #2: Arrange a Drop-Off Program for 6 Friends (Ages 6-10*)
Up to 8 participants, 90-minute program
$90 per member group, $100 per Non-member group

How It Works:

Time blocks will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
• All participants will be required to wear a face mask and practice social distancing.
• Please dress for the weather- programs will be held outside whenever possible. If they move inside due to rain, participants will be appropriately distanced in our classrooms.
• Pre-read our updated Activities Form for COVID protocols.
• A parent/guardian will be asked to sign our Release Form on the day of each program (one per family). * We will need a form from each Friend Family.
• Pre-registration and payment are required.
• One-week cancellation is required for refunds.

Eastern Woodland Indians
Visit our longhouse and wigwam. Learn about Woodland Indian: family life, what they wore, how they cooked, what they ate, and games played. Sample traditional foods while sitting in a Woodland Indian kitchen.

Insect Hunt
Become a member of the Bug Squad! Using nets, bug boxes, and magnifying glasses we will hunt for, examine, and observe a fantastic variety of insects in our pollinator meadow, wetlands, and gardens.

Learn about life cycles, food chains, and the important roles insects play in nature and in our lives as pollinators, decomposers, and more!

Learn about the Pollinator-Pathway initiative right here in Redding and neighboring towns.

Farm Animals
Moo, cluck, baa, oink! Meet our cows, chickens, sheep, and pigs and learn about what’s on their menu, where they sleep, and their activities on the farm. Then meet our smallest members of our livestock: honey bees! Visit a hive and learn about all the inner dynamics that are taking place amongst the specialized players who live inside!

Freshwater Exploration
From crayfish to salamanders and turtles to tadpoles, let’s discover who actually lives in our stream, pond, and marsh and try to figure out why they select these different habitats. Learn about the parade of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians that just visit these wetland areas.

Help us to do some problem solving-what happens to these creatures during times of high and low water? Please wear clothes and shoes that can get get!

Hike/Scavenger Hunt
Two different options exist: the first for younger participants ages 3-6 and the second for ages 7 and up. Younger scavenger hunters will focus on “hunting” along the farm road loop while more advanced hunters will
venture up to the trails on the hill. Watch the excitement level increase on either pathway they are on. Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

To schedule a program please email Gwen Denny (
or call (203) 938-2117

Please take a look at some of the nature activities and videos we have put together.

If you would like to view samples of past programs,
past calendars can be found