New Pond Farm 2023



If you are a member and would like a pdf of our trail map, please email us at

Members of New Pond Farm Education Center are invited to enjoy the 2.5 miles of trails that traverse our 75 acres of woodlands.

These marked trails will bring you through oak-hickory, maple-beech, and aspen woodlands. There are also picturesque streams and wetlands in these woodlands.

Thanks to Super Storm Sandy, we lost two stands of towering white pines and you will now find habitats in transition. The two acres behind the marsh have been stumped and planted with native grasses and wildflowers, our hope is that this will turn into a valued upland and wetland meadow habitats for songbirds and butterflies. The five acre area at the base of our trails is now evolving into a “scrub and shrub” area that  attracts a multitude of songbirds thanks to its bounty of seeds and shelter.

Woodland TrailsFortunately our property is adjacent to the Hoyt Scout Preserve, water company property, and Redding Land Trust Lands. This large corridor of uninterrupted open space provides a safe haven for an abundance of interesting wildlife.

From spring through fall your hikes will often be serenaded by nesting red-shouldered and broad winged hawks as well as a wonderful variety of woodland songbirds.

Depending on the season, your hike around the pastures will bring you past beautiful perennial beds and our bountiful vegetable gardens. If you rest on the stone bench by the Shakespeare garden you can enjoy views overlooking the pastures while you connect favorite quotes and plantings featured in the Bard’s plays.

In the warmer months our stream, pond, and marsh are quite active. These outdoor classrooms are home to an abundance of interesting wildlife.

The pasture trail will also bring you up past the astronomy buildings and down past our lower barns where sheep graze during the growing season.

As always, we invite our members to enjoy the trails at their own risk and caution everyone not to touch the electric fences that crisscross the pastures, protecting our grazing animals.