New Pond Farm 2023


A Connecticut Dairy Farm of Distinction

    On June 29th Commissioner Prelli from the Department of Agriculture and members of the Connecticut Farm Beautification Program presented New Pond with the Connecticut Dairy Farm of Distinction award. This is such an honor and it recognizes the years of dedication and professionalism exhibited by Chris and the staff.
    The award is part of the dairy industry’s celebration of June is Dairy Month and the Connecticut Farm Beautification Program which pays tribute to attractive farmsteads where high-quality milk is produced. The program is in its 22nd year honoring dairy farmers in Connecticut. To qualify, the farms must pass all state inspections and meet all milk quality requirements during the previous year. The goal of the committee is to recognize outstanding dairy farmers and promote the dairy industry. The Connecticut Farm Beautification Program is a non-profit organization made of Department of Agriculture staff and representatives from the Connecticut dairy industry.
    Farms are nominated in the Spring and evaluated on their attractiveness by a judging team. New Pond was the only farm to qualify for the award this year, and it is interesting to note that there weren’t any farms that qualified for the award in 2005 and 2006 – so we are particularly proud to have met all of their strict standards!
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