New Pond Farm 2023


New Building Brings Improvements

The new building is proving to be everything we hoped it would be! Teachers and visitors this fall and winter have been so enthusiastic about the addition of the classroom wing where The Gathering Place – our exhibition space, the Meeting Room- our classroom/festival preparation space, and the Wildlife Room- our live animal “home”, are located. However, we are getting just as many raves for the redesigned area in the original building. This beautifully renovated space has permitted us to have programs never before possible.

Improved Camp Facilities

Right now, we are making plans for the upcoming camp sessions and are excited as we prepare to welcome campers for the second season in the new building.

During renovation, we added two new bunkrooms for counselors which are located between the two enlarged camper bunkrooms.

With counselors now in closer proximity to the campers’ bunkrooms, we have increased safety and security and made them more accessible to the campers. We also now have a lovely area immediately outside the bunkrooms where bedtime stories are read and everyone has a moment to unwind after an exhilarating day!

We are not the only ones thrilled with our totally refurbished kitchen. State and local health inspectors are also very happy with the additions. With commercial grade appliances, we are able to maintain constant temperature in the refrigerator and freezer, no matter how many times the doors are opened and closed! Other features added have us complying with all required codes and regulations. And, with an emergency generator for backup power, our water pump, key appliances and emergency lighting will continue to function, even if power is disrupted.

We took the opportunity during construction to remove the tennis court and created a wonderful backyard for the campers which is convenient to all areas of the building and the courtyard. Besides being the ideal area for running around, playing badminton, croquet, soccer and games of all sorts, the Campers’ Backyard also made an unbelievable setting for our Harvest Dinner held last fall!

The Common Room serves as a warm, comfy living room for the campers when they are not busy with other activities. The deck area near the kitchen is known as Carmen’s Vista and is the place where campers enjoy their meals. It has now been covered with a roof to enable the children to be outside, even if the weather isn’t cooperating! Carmen’s Vista offers one of the most stunning views of the pasture of New Pond Farm and is a favorite spot for all.

Campers now work on their arts and crafts projects in the Meeting Room, a light, airy “kid friendly” room with a view of the pastures which is located in the new wing, instead of in the musty, old basement, as it once was. And, if the summer temperatures are truly unbearable, there is air conditioning to provide some relief!

We are looking forward to welcoming our campers this summer and believe this will one of our best camps ever!

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