New Pond Farm 2023


Hands-On Learning at New Pond Farm Makes a Lasting Impression

Sophia Dupree, a second grade student from Waterside School, wrote about her field trip, “I loved New Pond Farm, so when I’m a second grade teacher I want to bring my class back there.” It’s funny how things work out. Guess what, Sophia? It may actually happen! As a student at Miller School in Wilton, CT, I visited New Pond Farm and took part in the Eastern Woodland Indian program. It stayed with me for over 20 years. As I was planning the Native American unit for my second grade students, I kept remembering an Indian encampment I had visited as a child. I could picture the experience; sitting around a fi re in the woods, surrounded by a wigwam and a longhouse, eating cornbread with maple syrup and stalking thought the woods like an Indian hunter. I did an online search of farms in Connecticut and easily found what I was looking for. “New Pond Farm! That’s it,” I exclaimed to my co-teacher. “We have to go there.” So, 20 years later, I took my own class back to enjoy the program that I just couldn’t forget. I’m happy to report that they loved it as much as their teacher did.
Other students wrote:
“I want to teach my family all about Native Americans,”
“I w ant to bring my brother and sister back to New Pond Farm.
    Can families come?”
“I wish we could come here everyday for school!”
“Now I can teach my parents about Indians.”
“When I am an adult, I want to teach children and parents about the Native Americans.”
So maybe, Sophia…maybe one day you will bring your class to New Pond Farm.

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