New Pond Farm 2023


New Pond Farm & the Vision of Two Women

When Carmen Mathews began New Pond Foundation in the mid-1980s she had the open mind, the gracious spirit and the courage to consider sharing her spectacular 102-acre farm with others. Her dear friend Sally had the vision to see the incredible educational potential, as well as the passion and dedication to help with the farm’s evolution. It is thanks to these two women that we- the staff, Board, volunteers and members- were given the opportunity to develop our unique environmental organization.
Carmen passed away in 1995 and during the following ten years Sally was an actively involved President—sitting on each Board committee and keeping up with day-to-day operations. During her tenure the Board underwent sweeping changes.
Our mission, vision and values were clarified and critical needs were addressed:
our aging infrastructure and the need for a new Indoor Learning Center. The Board members launched the first Capital Campaign, and continue to preserve and nourish the vision of two inspiring women.

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