New Pond Farm



New Pond Farm is home to several species of wild snakes, if you look closely you might see them while you are out on a walk. To get a closeup look at a few non-poisons specimens, stop by the Wildlife Room in the Program Building.

  • Pueblan Milksnake

    These beautiful Non-poisonous snakes are often mistaken for the poisonous Coral Snake. Their patterning is reversed, just remember "Red touches yellow, kill a fellow, red touches black. okay Jack" to tell the difference.

  • Hognosed Snake

    In May 2013, Amélie joined our menagerie. She is now living in the Wildlife Room, on your next visit, stop in and say “HI”- you might need to look closely, she blends in with the bedding. To read more about Amélie, please click here.