New Pond Farm 2023


American Milking Shorthorn

Originating in Northeastern England. Bred for dairy or beef. Ours have been bred for dairy and will therefore have strong dairy traits.
Beautifully colored red, white, and sometimes even roan (a rich mixture of red and white, and cannot be found in any other breed of dairy cattle). They are excellent milk producers. They are one of the six major dairy breeds in the USA.

They have a deep red coat occasionally tipped in white markings.

We have Nibbs (10/10/16), Nox (9/17/17), Nova (Dec. 2022), & Honey (Apr. 2022).

Our newest additions are:
Nugget (1/19/23), who can be found grazing the two paddocks around the chickens
Happy (Apr. 2023), can be found in the pen next to the barn