New Pond Farm 2023



Dutch Belteds are efficient dairy animals of moderate size between Holsteins and Jerseys (not to be confused with the Belted Galloways – which are beef cattle with similar markings – an entirely different breed). Cows weigh from 900- 1500 pounds. Calves have an average birth weight of 70 pounds. Intelligence and friendly disposition make Dutch Belted cattle an excellent choice for family farms and rotational grazing where ease of handling is valued. Their milk tests 3.5 to 5.5 percent butter fat making it ideal drinking milk.

The breed traces directly to the original belted cattle in Switzerland and Austria. The first importation into the United States was made by the U.S. Consul of Holland, D.H. Haight in 1838.

Be sure to say hello to our beautiful Dutch Belted heifers Octavia (Apr. 2021) & Petra (Aug. 2021), who are black with a white belt around the middle and can be found in with the adults.